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tv   Today  NBC  June 28, 2012 2:05am-3:00am PDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. it's winesday wednesday, june 27th. and some days we just don't know how we get on the air. >> it's remarkable. >> yeah. >> it was weird yesterday because there were some news reports that nora ephron who we've had on our show passed away. it was one of those things so jarring because there weren't many reports she was even ill. >> the first one i read was just the other day. she's so beloved. everybody adores her and has a
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nora story, you know? then i strt started reading ther this morning, and there it was. life is just so brief. she was only 71 years old and leaves behind a treasure trove of wonderful films. we had her here at our show. how long ago was that, hoda? >> that was probably -- was it about a year ago? >> 2010. >> that long ago? >> she wrote a couple books. i love the book she wrote about i hate my neck and said at 43 your neck goes and stop fighting it. the other one was i've forgotten everything. she came and talked to us about that. >> because she wrote about truth and she wasn't afraid of truth. what was so great about nora, she had equal parts heart and smart. you always knew if her name was attached to a project, it would be worth whatever you paid for it. >> like "sleepless in seattle." >> and "you've got mail". >> that's another. >> and "when harry met sally."
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>> come on! >> "heartburn." and we'd love to show you a little bit of that, okay? >> can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way. >> that's not true. i have a number of men friends and there is no sex involved. >> yes, yes, yes! oh! oh! oh, god! oh! >> i'll have what she's having. >> it's you. >> it's me. >> i saw you in the street. >> are you annie? >> yes. >> you're annie? >> who's a happy dog? who's a happy dog? >> you've got mail. >> i would love to meet you. where? when?
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>> i want to watch them all over again. >> i want to go see every one of them all over again. >> right now. >> and i can. we send out our love and praise to her family. she was also the ex-wife of watergate journalist carl bernstein. >> this is interesting because he apparently cheated on her with someone. >> wasn't it one of her dear friends? >> i think so. then she wrote the movie "heartburn" as a result of that, with jack nicholson and meryl streep. and she wrote, a man can have sex with a venetian blind. >> you think that's funny, don't you? >> a venetian blind. >> well, i've known a few that could. what's even funnier, the best kept secret of all time was who was deep throat in the watergate investigation. tell them what she would do. >> i was reading in a couple of papers and she would go on speaking engagements. and because she was so upset at her then-ex-husband, she would blurt out the name michael felt.
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he was an fbi agent. >> yes! >> she would blurt it out long before it became public and couldn't understand why it didn't get any traction and kept saying it, that's called getting back at you. >> anyway. >> we had some fun out on the plaza this morning. >> i was downstairs and i missed the whole thing. i was watching nia's new movie, "mckenna." >> we're having her on today. >> love her. >> she's so cute. channing tatum was outside promoting his movie "magic mike." suddenly out of nowhere, look what was happening to ann. >> lord. >> watch this. >> watch the snake. and go. got to go. >> a flash mob emerged. and go. >> they had no idea they were all there. >> then the dancing commenced. >> i missed everything down there. >> everybody's naked. >> you know what? i saw a gazillion gym bags down there. now i know.
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>> let's see if he takes something off. >> i want to see. go. let's see. >> he's got great moves, though. >> go. >> so he knew this was coming, but -- >> yeah. yeah. >> he's got moves, uh-huh. >> and not too many. you don't want a guy with too good of moves. >> really? who says? >> no, no, no. no, no. you know how that can look. >> no. how? no. >> you know a guy that enjoys dancing a little too much? i'd rather have the guy that keeps it kind of low right near you. i don't want the one who's doing all that, do you? >> even if he's fat? >> stop it! that's terrible. >> hoda lovefat guys! >> because they make me feel sexier. you know what i'm talking about. >> i never get tired of hearing you say that. >> we had joe manganiello on yesterday. >> we don't even care what his last name is. we love us some joe.
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>> let's just watch a little of that just because. ♪ >> oh, that's it? that's it? >> there has to be more. >> we had our cash ready and everything. >> i was going to say, if you have some dollar bills, i've got some more moves. >> show us, big boy. >> male stripping is very basic, there's only a few moves. there's the body roll. >> he could have stayed all day and i don't think any of you would have cared either. >> our facebook fans went nuts over him. they were asked a question, would you go to a male strip club? >> right. >> 34% of the people said yes. >> because that's the way our fans are. >> 19% said never and 47% said -- >> that would be my mother and her friends. then 47% said yes, but only if they all looked like joe. >> uh-huh. >> yeah, yeah. and he's sweet. he's a sweet guy. >> a sweet guy. >> he's self-effacing, doesn't take his gorgeous self too seriously. >> can't stop looking or thinking about him.
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okay, on the cover of the "new york post" today there's a picture of the mayor's suv and in it is an entire air conditioning unit plugged in at city hall. >> hooked up to it. >> i guess it's a way to keep the car cool without keeping it running. >> there's a rule you can only keep your motor running three minutes, unless you're joe. he can keep it running for as long as he wants. he says it's saving tax dollars, because it's cheaper to just hook it up. because the mayor never knows if he's going to be coming or going or leaving or anything. >> that looks -- >> it just looks strange. >> it looks bad, yeah. okay, let's talk about noise makers. tennis wants to stop -- >> we're starting with that one? >> yeah. we're starting with that one. >> they want to stop the grunt. >> urgh! >> scary. you know when you're watching a tennis match and that happens. >> urgh! >> maria sharapova is a big-time offender. let's listen to her play a little tennis. >> see who's louder.
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>> ungh! ungh! [ applause ] >> okay. they're sick of the grunting and apparently it's bugging people. so the umpires want to hold handheld devices that will let you know the sound level on the court. martina navratilova said it's not really a form of cheating but -- >> psychological warfare that throws the person off. >> it is annoying when you hear that because you're waiting for. >> it do the women do it more than the men? >> why arehey only banning the women from doing it? >> hmm. >> another problem. >> they're not going to ban this generation of players. that would be unfair. they're going to try to teach a whole new generation and where are they going to stop it. they said it would be grandfathered. wouldn't it be grandmothered? >> ungh! >> so maria can continue grunting. >> you know what i love more than grunts? >> oh, yes, you do. oh, no. do it.
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♪ >> it kills me every time. >> you can't beat a good fart song. >> don't say that word. i read this in the "daily news" and i screamed. this new jersey man has threatened another man with a gun for -- >> what happened? >> you say the word. >> no. sound effects. >> outside his home because it was so loud. >> so loud and so odorous, the police arrested a 72-year-old new jersey man for threatening to shoot his neighbor for barking in front of his house. >> i guess the guy was so loud. he's 47 and he cut the cheese in front of the man's house and the guy said, i can't stand it anymore, okay? >> i'm going to kill you.
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>> he took out a revolver, a .32, and threatened to put a hole in the head of the neighbor. >> thank goodness he has been charged with aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a firearm and making terroristic threats. >> terroristic threats, that's ridiculous. >> good news is he was released without bail. >> so he'll be back at it. >> oh, my gosh! i guess it was a chronic problem. it couldn't have been just -- we'll all forgive one time. >> you know who we got a laugh out of? not just us. we got a laugh out of magic johnson. >> magic. >> magic is loving this program. >> oh, how do we do it day after day? >> we really don't know. all right. we have a big show for you coming up, don't we? >> we do, we do. magic is in the house. >> we love him. >> it's a happy house anytime
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magic is in the house. >> a fun house. >> nia is here and brought a tulip in "my big fat greek wedding." >> who's she making out with? my gosh. you know what, busted, all right. let's all have a drink and have a good time.
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in 2002, nia vardalos stole our hearts and taught us the wonders of windex in the hit romantic comedy "my big fat greek wedding" as toula portokalos. >> these days nia is beyond the bride, a young mom playing the mom of a gymnast daughter who has a lot to learn and called "the american girl." take a look. >> i needed to get some balance in my life. i needed to be my own boss, be me! and also i needed to be there for you guys after school.
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and i thought i could do it all on my own, be there for the twins, take you to practice, be home to make dinner. but your grandma taught me something. know what that is? >> what? >> nothing wrong with needing a little help. >> ah! >> ah! >> i know, i know! >> i feel like an idiot. i know it's an american girl movie. i'm downstairs in the dressing room and all the flash dancing is going on upstairs and i'm there crying watching you with little mckenna. >> i don't want to give anything away. good things happen. >> it's a great family film. i think that's one of the things that we're missing. >> that's what the american girl movie series is. you can see the movie, nothing bad happens. grandma won't get taken away by an alien spaceship. >> you will learn something. >> the little girl will learn something very important.
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cass love d the series growing up. >> and i want to be a hero to my daughter. >> it's not about being cool. >> i told her and, that's my favorite! in a minute, it passes. >> how did this happen? >> i knew the producer debra martin chase. we met at a party and like all things happen in hollywood, she said, i'm doing a movie and there's a mom. >> you said yes before -- >> i really did. >> you know they do quality. >> i've never had a dead co-star, you've noticed. i tend to make out with guys way out of my league. >> that is ian playing the dad. >> you said he sleeps in an oxygen tank. >> yeah, he does. >> this little girl, she's a great little actress. >> she is, very sweet.
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>> very expressive. >> she happens to look like the doll. remember in "the brady bunch," when greg gets the part, remember that? he got it because, you fit the suit! she actually really looks like the doll and can really act. i really started to have this relationship with her and had to keep telling myself, it's just a film, it's just a film. >> i have a friend who raised a child who's a brilliant brilliant gymnast and hours and hours they spent every waking moment in a gym. i said, how in the world during these matches can you even look? because they're little kids and they're doing these death-defying feats. did you almost feel like her mother? >> yes, i did. when they were doing the gymnastics, the camera was on me so often the director had to say, nia, please don't do this. for me, just to drag my butt to a cardio bar class, a feat unto itself. these kids are spending eight hours in a gym. >> and they're 10 years old? >> yeah. >> how old is your real life
2:22 am
daughter? >> she's almost 7. she is the target market of "american girl" and the producers sent us a doll almost immediately. i never want her to think my job has benefits for her, except in this case. >> we're so excited for her and you and for this film! >> great to see you again, sweetie. >> this one comes out on dvd july 3rd, airs right here on nbc on july the 14th, 8:00/7:00 central. magic is here and gives us play-by-play about his new cable network. oprah is not enough. he's got one, too! doesn't last long does it? listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. so you can get a lot done without refills. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so don't just stand there holding your lattes, boys. make your move. we'll take the 5-hour energy. smart move. 5-hour energy.
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like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. new one-a-day vitacraves for men.
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we have got a true legend in the house. earvin "magic" johnson, the five-time nba champion, retired in 1991. but it didn't mean life on the beach. he went on to have one of the most successful postgame careers of any professional athlete ever. building an empire and conquering the world of business
2:27 am
and sports. >> from author and movie theater and baseball team owner, magic has another project under his belt. his wife cookie just wants to keep him out of the house. a new television project launching on comcast, the owners of nbc universal. we all work for them in one way or another. great to see you. >> hi. great to be here. >> isn't he such a light? >> he walks in and everybody smiles. >> it's 8 great gift. >> tell us about this new channel that you're launching. >> what i'm doing is launching a network called aspire. it's going to be family programming. it's just what you had this beautiful young lady talking about, family movies. we're talking about family programming for african-americans. when we all grew up, we watched it with our family, tv. we want to bring the family back to good entertainment and good content. >> it gets harder and harder. >> and work with the creative community of african-americans and directors and producers and actors. everybody is excited. what's exciting we have great
2:28 am
sponsors, coca-cola company, chrysler, walmart, they all came in and supported it. >> there's a tremendous need. but will you have new programming or will you show, like, movies that have already been done? like tyler perry. >> in the beginning, you have to do that in the beginning. >> right. but you will build towards all new stuff. >> original content. we'll build toward that and we're excited about what's going on. everybody is really excited about our new network launching. >> well, it's going to keep debbie allen working. we love debbie. >> my girl. >> no, she's my girl. we love her. >> what's great about you is you always find a way to make something unique. i remember when you were talking about how you were opening starbucks in harlem and they were selling biscottis and they said, they're not selling. you said, we don't like them so you turned it around. >> i do my research and homework and look for what can be sustainable and what can grow.
2:29 am
so aspire is one of those channels that can grow and is sustainable. we're going to be on for a long time. >> with a great message. >> that's right. we have a great partner in gmc that's going to help us. i always try to bring the best to the minority community. >> right. >> so next i'm launching a debit card with one west and mastercard to help minorities with their money and understand so it's going to be called the magic card. so these things are coming next. >> the magic card. >> i like it! >> there's such a huge problem in the african-american community with the family unit. >> that's right. >> anywhere somebody like you can make a difference there like bill cosby has been trying to do for so long. >> no question. absolutely. >> will you come join us and show us a few? >> you two beautiful ladies, i will do that because cookie won't let me hold nobody else's hand but you two because she love you two. >> that cookie. >> what you want me to do now?
2:30 am
frank always showed you the football, i know that. >> frank showed me a lot of things. some of which should not be repeated on aspire. >> the main thing is make sure your fingertip -- look at that. she's already ready. now, score! oh, one more! oh! >> you're right under it. >> nice. your turn, your turn. oh, you've got a great release. one more time, higher. >> excuse me, can i spin it? >> can you do that? >> i only have one skill. >> this rarely works. >> wait, it will work. >> even i can't spin. you're great! we are going to sign you up for the knicks or the lakers, they both need help. >> great to see you. what's up next hoda woman? >> what to expect when you're expecting, we're going to take a quiz. >> no. i don't feel like it. plus, something to relish, we'll explain.
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we're back on this winesday
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wednesday with more "today." we're going to play our weekly trivia game called "who knew." pregnancy seems to be a trend but it's not as glamorous as expecting kourtney kardashian and drew barrymore would have us believe. we will test your knowledge what to really expect when you're expecting. kathie is next door to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right and for those who don't, they get kathie lee's cd. what's better than that? and to help me out is the editor of "the bump." you should know this, you have three kids of your own? >> i have and i've been through these three things we're going to talk about. >> hoda, look who is here. you can't get away from them. this is steve and grace elizabeth. can you go anywhere in new york without people stopping you? >> i don't know. >> she's been stopped a few times already. >> well, everybody wanted to thank you so much for dressing up so much to come on the "today" show today. did you think a lot about what you were going to wear? >> not really. >> if you haven't seen
2:34 am
it -- great to have you all here. in the meantime, our first lady here is from tennessee. on average, how many dirty diapers will a parent of one child change in a year? 500, 1,000, 2,000, or 4,000. >> 1,000. >> wrong. >> the correct answer, 4,000. >> that lady was awfully optimistic. >> yes, she was. >> we're talking 320 diapers a month. that's 4,000 dirty poopy/pee pee diapers a year. >> multiplied times your children. back to kath across the street. >> when is the most popular day to give birth? i don't know how you would know. monday, tuesday, thursday, or sunday. >> monday. >> i don't know what these answers are. apparently you are wrong! >> she loves when people are wrong. the correct answer is tuesday. why tuesday? >> when you add in induced labors and scheduled c-sections
2:35 am
but even natural birth over the weekend it doesn't happen so much, sunday is the least likely to have a baby. i guess people want their weekends. >> from sara's beautiful home state of iowa, one of the best parts of being pregnant is being able to eat for two. how many extra calories per day are recommended for a woman pregnant with one child? would it be 300, 600, 800, or 1200? >> 800. >> that wasn't me. >> that wasn't her answer. it was her answer! what is your answer, ma'am? you know it's not 800. >> what was it, 600? come on! 600, 300, or 1200? >> 300. >> all right! >> she got it right. >> don't share it with her. >> that number is surprising to me. that's like a snickers bar. >> moms are shocked by this number. it is more of a balanced bar and
2:36 am
an apple and not a big mac and si of fries. even while pregnant, you only need 300 extra calories for the baby to get everything they need. >> and how much weight are you supposed to gain? >> it's approximately 25 pounds, but it also depends where you are when you start. >> all right. >> she's from syracuse. the number of multiple births has been on the rise. in 2009, how many births were of multiples? 1 out of 15, 1 out of 20, 1 out of 30, or 1 out of 50? >> 1 out of 30. >> good guess! >> good guess is right. is that a lot of ivf babies? >> it is. it's women having babies later in life and ivf results in more multiples, more twins, triplets. i've seen a lot more than i did when i was a kid. >> me, too. >> kids grow at the fastest rate during which part of their lives? their first year, ages 5 through 7, ages 8 through 10 or puberty? >> their first year. >> wow! >> pretty intelligent crowd today.
2:37 am
>> i'd say. they picked it up at the end there. that's really it? the first year is when the growth spurt is. >> if children grew as much as they did in their first year, they'd end up being 169 feet tall. >> oh, my god! >> it's really a vast difference the first year to the rest of their childhood. >> i think we have time for one last one. >> from wisconsin, which of the following bodily changes occurs during pregnancy? facial hair growth, drooling, leaky bladder or all of the above? don't look at me while you answer that. >> all of the above. >> she was looking at me. >> yes, you get it all! the facial hair, drooling, leaky bladder. >> ladies, it's not always lovely, but you do get great hair, great nails, pregnancy glow and bigger boobs. >> nice. you can say boobs on our show. >> i think you encourage it. like you used to? when you fear losing your independence? who do you call? call hoveround now, to see if you qualify for america's premier power chair.
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we are back with products from the 2012 fancy food show where thousands of vendors competed to be recognized as the
2:42 am
best new product in each category. >> sissy is here to tell us about the hottest products and the biggest trends from this year's show. >> hey, girl. >> and she's back from aspen as well. >> you get around. >> i'm so lucky and i love bringing you this every year. i'm going to start with best cracker in show. go ahead and try one, a sweet potato cracker from the polka dot bakery in north carolina, the biggest producer of sweet potatoes in the united states. one of the biggest. all natural. they use the whole sweet potato it's baked so you can see why it's best cracker. >> good for you. >> good for you. great family snack. you may recognize this root 11 family brand from the shenandoah valley. single batch, small producers. momma zuma's revenge. you have the mash with the barbecue flavor. >> my god, that's hot! >> that's got a kick, baby!
2:43 am
>> that's why i moved the vodka tonic. >> you don't realize how thoughtful sissy is. >> this is an all natural tonic, fever-tree mediterranean tonic water and searched the deepest parts of africa for the quine and added mediterranean thyme and lemon. how good is that. >> it's absolutely delicious. is that right? >> i believe them because it's delicious. one of the trends is we're seeing seeds in everything. you may know effie's crackers, named for the one of the founder's moms. they are the new body trends. the new pumpkinseed and sesame seed cracker with extra crunch. isn't that good? >> i love these. >> hostesses really know about this cracker. it's so good. >> delicious. >> also in the seed category, it's the american spoon mustard. >> stop it! >> is it spicy? >> first of all, it's like the caviar of mustard, whole seed black and yellow mustard, steeped in vinegar and michigan sparkling wine.
2:44 am
>> oh, my god! >> it explodes in your mouth like a caviar. >> i could eat a hundred of these little guys right now. >> it elevates your big in a blanket. that has a great toothy texture. also in the seed category, this is made in brooklyn. the spoonable caramel sauce. see the sesame in there? >> i want that. >> we have plenty with your name on it. this was made by a lady who used to make dog food and now makes caramel. >> i hope she doesn't get confused! >> kathie lee, this is for you. . >> what is it? >> bacon schnecken. >> people are putting bacon into everything. >> have a bite. peggy shannon in cincinnati, trying to help cincinnati one sweet bite at a time, helping underprivileged kids with initiatives. >> it's good! >> i feel myself getting fat. >> me, too. >> we have the o, balsamic, the
2:45 am
cheeses, the bell, from seattle boat street pickles, great as a chutney on the side. every product has a story. this was invented -- >> i'm going to write a song. >> don't you dare. >> at the berkeley business school, it's the mushroom kit. you grow it on your counter, it's sustainable, fun, spritz it and for ten days, gourmet oyster mushrooms on your counter. >> take us to the end, girl. >> finally, the award for the most outstanding award at this year's show -- >> look how excited you are. >> the latest scoop ginger pear sorbet from berkeley, california, from the cable car delights company. >> it won best of everything. >> best of everything and also known for their packaging. you can see the luscious fruit and ginger right through the plastic packaging. >> it's darned fresh and delicious. it really is. >> it's really dense but also light. >> like you, sissy. thank you, honey.
2:46 am
>> thank you. are you better off buying designer stuff or buying the stock? that's next. the heat is cranking up over the next few days. i'm meteorologist chris warren with your forecast. the rain not much of a factor, maybe a lingering shower around florida, the great lakes a few thunderstorms might pop up. the real big story is right here, look at the pink on this map and we're looking at triple digits. that's what the pink indicates, for many locations, from louisville over to kansas city to dallas, of course the southwest hot. this heat does remain cranked up for days and days and days. not much at all as far as showers and thunderstorms go, pacific northwest is going to be the place to go to cool down, get some relief from the heat because now you can see the triple digits moving into the mid-atlantic, 90s for new york, boston close to 90, 89.
2:47 am
then, for the weekend, we're going to have cool and showery weather in the pacific northwest, but, other than that, the heat still with us, lower 90s in new york, triple digits in washington, d.c., denver after the string of triple digits you're still hot, still pushing 100, in the 90s. you'll still be extremely hot, southwest still very hot, atlanta 105. it's been a few years since you've seen triple digits in atlanta. we'll see temperatures moderate a little bit, but if we didn't just come off the triple dinlities we'd be saying it's hot, minneapolis 89, upper 90s in kansas city, triple digits throughout the southeast and mid-atlantic. then by monday still plenty of 90s. notice still no rain in sight for a huge portion of the country, and that heat remains with us. then on tuesday maybe a few showers throughout parts of the southeast, but still 90s all over the place. remember, weekdays on the weather channel, you can "wake up with al."
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[ orbit glint ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling. ♪ eat, drink, chew orbit! now on "today's money," we will answer your questions, stock or stuff. >> stop and ask yourself, if you had taken that same money to buy the latest coffee or handbag and invested it in a company, would you have saved money? >> that's a good question.
2:50 am
here to put us to the test, sharon epperson. >> hello! >> hi. often we're throwing money away when we could be investing it wisely, right? >> we decided to take a look at things women buy all the time and decide whether or not it would have been better to buy stock in the company and held it for three years or kept the stuff in the closet. a lot of times we want to figure out, is it better to have bought something i know? that's what we tried to pick. we looked at prices from 2009 to last friday. now, that's past performance so it doesn't mean it will go that way. full disclosure, i don't own any individual stock so this is all the past. >> nothing to do with the future. this is the past. >> let's start with stuff. >> starbucks. >> wait a second! >> i didn't tell you how many. $100 worth of grandes or a month's worth of stuff. should you get the stuff or the stock? >> i know what i will say before you say. you go. >> i love the guy that owns starbucks. i would say stock. >> i would say stuff.
2:51 am
>> you're looking at the leadership and you are right to look at the stock because that stock price is definitely going up. >> who's right? >> i am. he's such a smart man. >> a smart man. that went to $359 today, that $100 investment. >> when you go to target, want a couple towels, instead you walk away with $100 of stuff. better to get the stuff or the stock? >> i love target, too. i say stock. >> it is a great company. in fact, you would have made money if you'd bought that stock. $100 three years later is more. another thing they do, they offer dividends. that's part of the company's earnings. >> they're a great company. >> what's the next one? >> next is k swiss sneakers. >> i don't even know. >> they're worth two pairs of sneakers. better to be in your closet? >> stuff. >> definitely better to keep the stuff. those sneakers. that company hasn't done so well. stock's gone down, keep the sneakers. love this coach bag, 300 bucks. >> coach. >> three years ago, you bought the coach bag, love the coach
2:52 am
bag. you still love the coach bag. or should you have bought the stuff? >> should have bought michael kors. >> coach or stuff? >> i would say stuff. i like coach very much, but i didn't hear great things about their stock. >> hoda, you are right. >> i haven't read anything about them! >> the stock has doubled in price. $300, $660 investment, that's what you'd have today. >> good! >> everybody loves this apparel maker. >> lulu lemon. stock. stock. >> stock out the wazoo. >> stock out the wazoo. up 900%. that stock is up 900% in three years. $100 investment, you'd have over 1,000 bucks. >> here's the thing. she didn't invest anything. >> i love it. >> you should be buying the stock. >> stock! >> that's the point. >> look who's winning in the stock market! >> good point.
2:53 am
>> wakel? >> pardon? >> it's the largest bra and panty maker in japan. what do you think? >> stock. >> well, no, hoda, i have to tell you wrong. actually, the stock price has gone down and these bras last, i can attest to them, great bras, great company, for making the bras, though, not stock price. >> then why not? why isn't it doing well if it's a great product sfl. >> it's not traded that much here in this country because it is a japanese maker. >> we're at a tiebreaker. let's wrap this un. >> barnes & noble. barnes and noble? >> what do you think? >> definitely stuff. >> you're right. e-readers have taken over and the stock has gone down. >> did hoda actually win? >> what do you win? >> hoda actually won. >> what did i win? >> nothing. >> all of the stuff! all of the stuff! >> i love the book "the help."
2:54 am
>> you don't love the coach bag? >> i love the coach bag. >> you are adoble. up next, how to create a little romance with an elegant picnic for just the two of you. but first this is "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
2:56 am
time for "today's kitchen" and "what's cooking." >> today love is in the air. if you're looking for something fun to do with the crush in your life or even your husband, you might want to consider a picnic in the park. >> here to show us what to pack is the chef of a legendary restaurant in northern virginia.
2:57 am
>> i love talk like that. how are you? >> very well. and for our picnic in the park, love begins in the kitchen, ladies. >> so what shall we make? >> a wild alaskan salmon with a sesame crust. we will put a little salt and pepper on the salmon. >> wild salmon is more expensive but it tastes a thousand times better. >> the herbs are in season now. the salmon is in season now. we will put the salmon and do a crust like this. you have that wonderful contrast between the crust and the salmon. i'm going to take a little broth, vegetable broth, and pour in about halfway up because we don't want to wash off the sesames. bring that to a boil and then we'll put it in a preheated 325-degree oven and bake it all the way through. then we'll take it out and let it cool right in that pan and cover it and refrigerate it. then we will make our herb
2:58 am
mayonnaise. i have a quarter of an acre herb garden. >> that must be heaven this time of year, too, right? >> i recommend a bottled mayonnaise just for safety's sake, we will have onions and parsley and water crest and we will have chives and tarragon. >> look at that, whipping up a storm. >> thank you. >> terrific. if you ever want a real job -- >> she does not want a real job. >> i don't blame her, i understand. >> which she is proving on a daily basis. >> lemon juice and one chopped egg and a little bit of cayenne to spice things up as if it isn't already spicy enough around here. that is our herbed mayonnaise, all fresh herbs. >> okay. and we'll let that cook for how long? >> 7 minutes at 425. we will come over here. >> look at the beautiful picnic basket. >> that is gorgeous! >> you know, like a concert in t the park where people have ka
2:59 am
candle awe bras and champagne? >> it's just awesome. >> we have our herb mayonnaise. keep everything cold. it's important even though the bottle mayonnaise is shelf stable. we've added other ingredients. we will make a water crest and orange salad. >> what is the dressing on there? >> it's lemon -- >> lemon vinaigrette? >> no. orange and olive oil. orange juice and olive oil, salt and pepper. very very simple and delicious. >> all you need. >> what's in the dessert department down there at the end? >> hoda always wants to get to the dessert and we haven't had the main course yet. >> orange crusted tart. >> we have to mention your daughter happens to be a big deal here on nbc. >> not that big of deal. >> well, i don't know how big. >> come on in. >> sara is a little bit afraid. come in, we'll try it. >> it's sensational. thank you so much. >> she's just going to make it the last five seconds. >> come in, sweetie.


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